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Eco Madness? May 1, 2009

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Although i am all for being eco friendly. I recycle, i drive a very fuel efficient car and i have planted a few new trees in my garden this year. However, i just don’t know what to make of eco weddings.

It is a recent trend to have these ‘eco friendly’ weddings but can a wedding ever really be called eco??

You can trade paper invites for emails or use recycled paper instead of regular.

You can give out these cute seed place cards that double up as favors (

or a potted tree!

Which i would definitely prefer over the tired old expresso cups!

Hell you can even snap yourself up an eco friendly bamboo wedding dress (at quite a price!)[]=tags&includes[]=title)

Italy? Mexico? Aruba? Why bother! Stay at home for your honeymoon in order to save fuel!

To be honest, im just not buying it! The mass amounts of food wastage at the reception, the food you are eating is probably imported from all over the world (for you 100mile challenge fans!) the fact that your guests will be traveling to get to the wedding… and probably not car pooling so many things about weddings are just not eco friendly. Is it really just taking the fun out of everything? You can go about your life being conscious about wastage but really isn’t your wedding day about being lavish for one day? Not that i don’t think it’s a good thing because any way that we can be thoughtful towards the planet is worthwhile but is it taking ‘eco-ness’ too far?

If you are eco friendly all the time in your daily life then i say go ahead! For those using it as a trend to follow, think about it and all that is involved in making a truly green wedding. There are tons of great websites out there dedicated to helping you!

For us i think the only wedding we will call eco is the small backyard weddings we love so much!

Top tips!

– Potted plants instead of cut flowers for centerpieces

– Have your ceremony and reception at the same venue

– Buy a second hand wedding dress and allow bridesmaids to get dresses they could wear again!

– Earth friendly favors: baby trees, seeds, cookies or donate to a local green charity!

– keep it small!


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