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Eco-friendly tips fo the realistic bride .. May 4, 2009

Although weddings can be difficult to be totally green, there’s many little things couples can do that will make a difference.   Let’s be realistic here, girls.  There’s a lot of green things we can do for our weddings, but there’s also a lot of unattainable green ideas.  It’s hard to find the happy medium, but adding even just a few ideas helps!
*For your dress and attire:

Yes, a $6800 completely eco dress is a nice idea.  But what about those of us who can’t afford it ?  For many brides I know, that’s their entire wedding budget!  Check out these tips from Canadian Living for some great ideas.  Two examples – letting your bridesmaids roam free by choosing their own dresses (this cuts down on wasted material!), and purchasing a wedding dress that has more of a future to it by being able to convert it into a kicky little cocktail number!

For more eco-friendly tips on wedding attire from Canadian Living, click here!

*Wedding rings:

Ah, diamonds.  Are there really any true conflict free diamonds?  That debate is up for discussion, but in the meantime, why not go eco with your rings?  Green Karat is a company that only uses conflict free diamonds and recycled gold, and each ring is made by hand.  When purchasing rings from Green Karat, not only are you being socially and ecologically responsible, but you’ll have some pretty sweet bling to choose from!

My Fave: (I’m seriously drooling over this one, and wondering how I can justify a second E ring to the Fiance … I don’t think “but it’s eco!” would work)


The prettiest budget saver I’ve seen so far –


And of course, you’ll need bands too!

(all photos courtesy of Green Karat)



Heidi at Botanical Paperworks (based in Winnipeg!) has eco-friendly chic down pat.  BP provides invitations, cards, favours, and so much more – all on 100% recycled paper, and plantable!  Instead of losing your invites in a drawer for years after your special day, your friends and family can actually plant your invitation and watch wildflowers grow from it!  So cute, right?  Stylish, too!  My favourite is the Flourish Wedding Invitation, as pictured (photo courtesy of Botanical Paperworks):


I’m also super in love with their guest favours – the Love Tag Seeded Favour:



How about these cute ideas? (all courtesy of Country Living)


The picture above is of local flowers, and a beautiful way to re-use old paint tins!  Just paint them in your wedding colours, et voila!



Although this picture for a pie buffet is fall themed, you can quickly and easily make yours personalized to your theme by somply changing out the flowers, fruits and vegetables!  For an even more eco-friendly idea, have this pie buffet as your only dessert, with home made pies from local farms!

The point is, dear Earth lovers, that a wedding can be truly green if you really try. If you’re not able to host a completely green wedding, remember that every little bit does count! But going green shouldnt break your bank, and you shouldn’t choose the $6800 Eco wedding dress just because it’s eco friendly – you should choose it because it suits you.


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