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DIY – Let’s channel our inner Martha’s May 7, 2009

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I’m convinced that somewhere, deep down, I’m a DIY guru.  No matter that the only thing I DIY is my sandwiches for lunch (which, might I add, are quite yummy), I’m somehow convinced that if I really put my mind to it, I could DIY almost anything.

Prime Example Number One:  My Own Wedding.

Although I’m forbidden from DIY-ing the entire shin dig, I’m bound and determined to add some creative flair by doing some of my own projects.  As a photographer, and with such a deep history of photography running in my family, I’m on the hunt for amazing ideas that involve photos and DIY.

(Side note: When our wedding planner asked our theme, Mr. L and I spoke at the same time to answer – “Simple and easy on the eyes, ” he said in his normal voice.  “PHOTOS PHOTOS PHOTOS!”  I yelled in excitement.  Who knew that was even a theme?)

Enter:  Martha Stewart.

I found this great idea for displaying photos, and it seems like it can be easily transformed into reception decor (I haven’t quite figured out how.  Or where.  Yet).  I’m going to let the idea marinate for a bit, but I’m convinced I can accomplish this sweet idea (hopefully without having to call my mom).  Thought I’d share it with you – just in case you happen to decide to try it first, you can let me know how it goes.  Otherwise, stay tuned in the coming year when I get around to trying it myself – I’ll be sure to post pics of a Martha vs. Jennifer DIY creation.


For all those interested, the complete instructions for this little cutie of a project can be found here.

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