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Interview With Jennifer April 30, 2009

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Jennifer Colborne-Lewis of Jen Shoots Weddings and Co-founder of Sensational Weddings


Blog: http:

Twitter: JSWPhotography

Who are you and what do you do? My name is Jennifer Colborne-Lewis, and I’m a wedding photographer (JSW Photography), as well as a wedding specialist.

Your contact details? The best way to contact me is through the web – or

You are currently planning your own wedding, what has been the most stressful part for you? Honestly?  The dress!  I have no idea – there’s so many amazing ones to choose from!
Out of all your photography services that you offer what is most valuable to brides? Definitely my coffee table albums – they offer a fresh alternative for lasting memories that can be kept for future generations.

What is your favorite wedding photography spot? Almost anywhere in Muskoka (I’m not biased at all!).  If there’s trees or water, it’s a favourite spot.

Funniest wedding story: I was photographing one wedding, and the poor officiant couldn’t keep the couples names straight – he had done 3 other weddings that day, and kept referring to the last couple of the day by everyone elses name!

If you weren’t a photographer what would you be doing? You mean there was a choice?  🙂  Probably working in the hotel industry, maybe writing a book .. maybe even a chef!

Your greatest business achievement? The first wedding I booked and photographed – I was so nervous, yet so excited!  Also, recognizing the need to help brides search the continious lists of vendors, which resulted in launching Sensational Weddings.

3 wedding essentials that all brides should think about: Comfortable shoes, for a looong day of standing!  A planning checklist and organizer, to keep track of everything in case something goes wrong (and hopefully it doesn’t!).  And strength – not just to get through a looong, emotional day – but strength to make that day your own! 

Interview With Eve

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We want to interview our vendors to allow you to get to know them a little better, so we thought it best to start with ourselves!

Eve Traetto of Eve Traetto Photography and Sensational Weddings Co-founder


Blog: and

Twitter: evetraetto

Who you are and what you do: I am Eve Traetto, photographer extraordinaire and wedding specialist.

Where you’re from: I grew up in Brighton, UK and moved here a few years ago, just as an adventure and decided i loved it here and well….never left.

How did you get into your business: I studied photography at school and then at college, my teachers were always impressed that i stepped as far out the box as i could so i was recommended to assist professional photographers in the summer, one of which was an incredible wedding photographer. Before, i was bored at just the thought of photographing a wedding but then i saw how creative you could be and how especially with the digital world beginning to boom, you could really expand on what the term ‘wedding photography’ is. I photograph a wide variety of subjects throughout the year, from portraits, commerical, editorial to live events. Needless to say i never get bored and i am constantly trying to stay up to date with new technology and techniques.
What’s your favourite part of photographing weddings? My favourite part would probably be visiting the bride and groom just before the ceremony. The bride and all the girlies are getting ready, all emotional and just trying to stay as calm as possible. I love photographing the bride when she has just put on her dress and all the girls are helping her add her accessories etc. The funniest part of the day is going to see the guys before the ceremony usually the sight as you walk into the room is beer in hand, no jackets on, no boutonniere’s on (which ends up being my job….or my poor assistants) very laid back and occasionally watching sport on the telly! A complete contrast between the women and the men!
What’s your favourite part of weddings in general? I love seeing the flowers and the cake.
Your advice to brides to ensure they enjoy their photography experience: Be sure you really connect with your photographer, if you don’t it will reflect in your photo’s. Be very open about your budget and ask to see any products such as albums before hand to make sure they are what you really want. If you don’t see it ask…they may have it but it’s just not a standard option.
Your proudest moment in your business: I do a lot of charity events throughout the year. Last year i worked with Yellow Brick House which is a women’s shelter. The women came along and got make overs and then i photographed them. It was to help them feel fresh and rejuvenated , they had such a great time and it really was heartwarming, very fullfilling! My other proudest moment would be at our very first Sensational Wedding Show, it took a lot of planning and hard work but we did it!!!

3 things you can’t live without: my Blackberry (how very sad!), my Camera and my Ryan Adams albums.