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Perfect Postage! May 8, 2009

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I just came across this fantastic website Perfect Postage and i am really excited by this find. As a photographer i am always striving to come up with new and exciting ideas to submit to my clients. Well this is a perfect way of being a little different and yet not spending a complete fortune! You can customize your postage stamps…. imagine sending out your invites and as a cute touch you put a beautiful stamp on the front featuring your fave pic from your engagement session! I had a look and they don’t just supply to the US but also Canada!

I am loving this idea and i am off to tell all my brides!



DIY – Let’s channel our inner Martha’s May 7, 2009

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I’m convinced that somewhere, deep down, I’m a DIY guru.  No matter that the only thing I DIY is my sandwiches for lunch (which, might I add, are quite yummy), I’m somehow convinced that if I really put my mind to it, I could DIY almost anything.

Prime Example Number One:  My Own Wedding.

Although I’m forbidden from DIY-ing the entire shin dig, I’m bound and determined to add some creative flair by doing some of my own projects.  As a photographer, and with such a deep history of photography running in my family, I’m on the hunt for amazing ideas that involve photos and DIY.

(Side note: When our wedding planner asked our theme, Mr. L and I spoke at the same time to answer – “Simple and easy on the eyes, ” he said in his normal voice.  “PHOTOS PHOTOS PHOTOS!”  I yelled in excitement.  Who knew that was even a theme?)

Enter:  Martha Stewart.

I found this great idea for displaying photos, and it seems like it can be easily transformed into reception decor (I haven’t quite figured out how.  Or where.  Yet).  I’m going to let the idea marinate for a bit, but I’m convinced I can accomplish this sweet idea (hopefully without having to call my mom).  Thought I’d share it with you – just in case you happen to decide to try it first, you can let me know how it goes.  Otherwise, stay tuned in the coming year when I get around to trying it myself – I’ll be sure to post pics of a Martha vs. Jennifer DIY creation.


For all those interested, the complete instructions for this little cutie of a project can be found here.

Much love,




What Do Men Really Want…? May 6, 2009

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Ladies, throughout the wedding planning process we tend to push the men to the side a bit. We let them do the wedding ‘stuff’ that doesn’t really interest us… the limo, DJ maybe even the videographer but not much else. Most bride’s even choose the suits that the guys wear…. and i don’t blame them… we all know that men just don’t always think things through the same we do.

It’s hard to give a gift that both men and women will like but at least for the groomsmen we should think about something that they will actually LOVE! We all know about the standard engraved gifts: glasses, cuff links, money clips and the list goes on. I mean really how exciting is a whiskey glass with his initial on? Think outside the box, really think about what your groomsmen will really appreciate and know that you actually put some though into it.

Here are some great ideas for the guys!

For the outdoorsy friend:

Eddie Bauer has this great Hiking Daypack bottle which comes with a flashlight, survival guide, whistle, first aid kit, multi tool and much more for under $15!!


American Bridal has these great cooler chairs. They fold away for easy storage, have an over the shoulder strap so they are easily portable, all the while keeping your food/drinks cool AND you can sit on it! Fab find for just $30!cooler

For the car fanatic:

Car detailing kits may seem pretty boring to the non car obsessed however, for the man who worships his car this is the perfect gift. Auto Detailing Supplies is an online store that has a variety of different sets at different price ranges.


For the avid sports fan

I’m not much of a sports fan but if i was this would be a fantastic gift for the guy who goes to games on a regular basis. I really can’t imagine those tiny seats at the stadium are very comfortable and Sports Nut Shop has these for just $30.


For the geek freak

Now this is something i saw on CSI a few nights ago! I didn’t really think it was real but apparently it is and i found it! It’s a little pricey but your geeky friend will freak out! It is a laser keyboard that you can connect to PDA’s using blue tooth and it projects a full size keyboard on any flat surface…. very futuristic …neat! Check out ThinkGeek for more budget worthy ideas for the gadget loving friend!


These are just a few ideas, your groomsman maybe into golf, traveling or skiing but the point is you can really get them something they will like with doing just a little bit of research into their hobbies and at prices you can afford.

One last idea! Perhaps your groom and his buddies are all into the same thing? A great gift for all might be to book a group paintballing session, go karting day or even organize a camping trip!

paintballinggo kartingcamping


Tuesday’s Totally Fab Find! May 5, 2009

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Etsy is one of my favourite sites, and I spend a lot of time browsing for gifts and wedding items – both for others, and for myself!  When I came across this incredible idea for our little ring bearer, I started swooning over the notion.  After the wedding, I can just picture it sitting on my vanity dresser, holding my rings … Sigh!


This can be found on Etsy, at Dawn Dalto’s shop, and is customizable.  It also comes in a ton of different styles and colours – so yummy!

Much love,




Eco-friendly tips fo the realistic bride .. May 4, 2009

Although weddings can be difficult to be totally green, there’s many little things couples can do that will make a difference.   Let’s be realistic here, girls.  There’s a lot of green things we can do for our weddings, but there’s also a lot of unattainable green ideas.  It’s hard to find the happy medium, but adding even just a few ideas helps!
*For your dress and attire:

Yes, a $6800 completely eco dress is a nice idea.  But what about those of us who can’t afford it ?  For many brides I know, that’s their entire wedding budget!  Check out these tips from Canadian Living for some great ideas.  Two examples – letting your bridesmaids roam free by choosing their own dresses (this cuts down on wasted material!), and purchasing a wedding dress that has more of a future to it by being able to convert it into a kicky little cocktail number!

For more eco-friendly tips on wedding attire from Canadian Living, click here!

*Wedding rings:

Ah, diamonds.  Are there really any true conflict free diamonds?  That debate is up for discussion, but in the meantime, why not go eco with your rings?  Green Karat is a company that only uses conflict free diamonds and recycled gold, and each ring is made by hand.  When purchasing rings from Green Karat, not only are you being socially and ecologically responsible, but you’ll have some pretty sweet bling to choose from!

My Fave: (I’m seriously drooling over this one, and wondering how I can justify a second E ring to the Fiance … I don’t think “but it’s eco!” would work)


The prettiest budget saver I’ve seen so far –


And of course, you’ll need bands too!

(all photos courtesy of Green Karat)



Heidi at Botanical Paperworks (based in Winnipeg!) has eco-friendly chic down pat.  BP provides invitations, cards, favours, and so much more – all on 100% recycled paper, and plantable!  Instead of losing your invites in a drawer for years after your special day, your friends and family can actually plant your invitation and watch wildflowers grow from it!  So cute, right?  Stylish, too!  My favourite is the Flourish Wedding Invitation, as pictured (photo courtesy of Botanical Paperworks):


I’m also super in love with their guest favours – the Love Tag Seeded Favour:



How about these cute ideas? (all courtesy of Country Living)


The picture above is of local flowers, and a beautiful way to re-use old paint tins!  Just paint them in your wedding colours, et voila!



Although this picture for a pie buffet is fall themed, you can quickly and easily make yours personalized to your theme by somply changing out the flowers, fruits and vegetables!  For an even more eco-friendly idea, have this pie buffet as your only dessert, with home made pies from local farms!

The point is, dear Earth lovers, that a wedding can be truly green if you really try. If you’re not able to host a completely green wedding, remember that every little bit does count! But going green shouldnt break your bank, and you shouldn’t choose the $6800 Eco wedding dress just because it’s eco friendly – you should choose it because it suits you.


Eco Madness? May 1, 2009

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Although i am all for being eco friendly. I recycle, i drive a very fuel efficient car and i have planted a few new trees in my garden this year. However, i just don’t know what to make of eco weddings.

It is a recent trend to have these ‘eco friendly’ weddings but can a wedding ever really be called eco??

You can trade paper invites for emails or use recycled paper instead of regular.

You can give out these cute seed place cards that double up as favors (

or a potted tree!

Which i would definitely prefer over the tired old expresso cups!

Hell you can even snap yourself up an eco friendly bamboo wedding dress (at quite a price!)[]=tags&includes[]=title)

Italy? Mexico? Aruba? Why bother! Stay at home for your honeymoon in order to save fuel!

To be honest, im just not buying it! The mass amounts of food wastage at the reception, the food you are eating is probably imported from all over the world (for you 100mile challenge fans!) the fact that your guests will be traveling to get to the wedding… and probably not car pooling so many things about weddings are just not eco friendly. Is it really just taking the fun out of everything? You can go about your life being conscious about wastage but really isn’t your wedding day about being lavish for one day? Not that i don’t think it’s a good thing because any way that we can be thoughtful towards the planet is worthwhile but is it taking ‘eco-ness’ too far?

If you are eco friendly all the time in your daily life then i say go ahead! For those using it as a trend to follow, think about it and all that is involved in making a truly green wedding. There are tons of great websites out there dedicated to helping you!

For us i think the only wedding we will call eco is the small backyard weddings we love so much!

Top tips!

– Potted plants instead of cut flowers for centerpieces

– Have your ceremony and reception at the same venue

– Buy a second hand wedding dress and allow bridesmaids to get dresses they could wear again!

– Earth friendly favors: baby trees, seeds, cookies or donate to a local green charity!

– keep it small!


For those with a sense of humour!

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If you’re tired of the sappy cards, check out Naughty Betty – the new voice in cards and gifts.   Want to ask your BFF to be a bridesmaid?  Congratulate your sis on her engagement?  Naughty Betty has sarcastic and humorous cards for every occasion!

From their website – “We like cool words.  We like thoughtful design.  And we operate on the simple notion that nothing, in greeting cards and in life, is funnier than the truth.