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For The Quirky Couple May 9, 2009

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I saw this on an episode of Rich Bride Poor Bride and i thought it was a cute idea but the wedding planner and bride decided to overthrow the groom and ditch it. I think it’s really cute and not too expensive as a little add on. Plus you can save it as a keepsake or even display on your mantle! They are custom made by a Canadian company called iMoments. Basically, what you do is send them couple of pics of yourself and they create these little works of art that look just like you! Very cute and perfect as a cake topper or table display starting at $153 for 2 dolls.


What Do Men Really Want…? May 6, 2009

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Ladies, throughout the wedding planning process we tend to push the men to the side a bit. We let them do the wedding ‘stuff’ that doesn’t really interest us… the limo, DJ maybe even the videographer but not much else. Most bride’s even choose the suits that the guys wear…. and i don’t blame them… we all know that men just don’t always think things through the same we do.

It’s hard to give a gift that both men and women will like but at least for the groomsmen we should think about something that they will actually LOVE! We all know about the standard engraved gifts: glasses, cuff links, money clips and the list goes on. I mean really how exciting is a whiskey glass with his initial on? Think outside the box, really think about what your groomsmen will really appreciate and know that you actually put some though into it.

Here are some great ideas for the guys!

For the outdoorsy friend:

Eddie Bauer has this great Hiking Daypack bottle which comes with a flashlight, survival guide, whistle, first aid kit, multi tool and much more for under $15!!


American Bridal has these great cooler chairs. They fold away for easy storage, have an over the shoulder strap so they are easily portable, all the while keeping your food/drinks cool AND you can sit on it! Fab find for just $30!cooler

For the car fanatic:

Car detailing kits may seem pretty boring to the non car obsessed however, for the man who worships his car this is the perfect gift. Auto Detailing Supplies is an online store that has a variety of different sets at different price ranges.


For the avid sports fan

I’m not much of a sports fan but if i was this would be a fantastic gift for the guy who goes to games on a regular basis. I really can’t imagine those tiny seats at the stadium are very comfortable and Sports Nut Shop has these for just $30.


For the geek freak

Now this is something i saw on CSI a few nights ago! I didn’t really think it was real but apparently it is and i found it! It’s a little pricey but your geeky friend will freak out! It is a laser keyboard that you can connect to PDA’s using blue tooth and it projects a full size keyboard on any flat surface…. very futuristic …neat! Check out ThinkGeek for more budget worthy ideas for the gadget loving friend!


These are just a few ideas, your groomsman maybe into golf, traveling or skiing but the point is you can really get them something they will like with doing just a little bit of research into their hobbies and at prices you can afford.

One last idea! Perhaps your groom and his buddies are all into the same thing? A great gift for all might be to book a group paintballing session, go karting day or even organize a camping trip!

paintballinggo kartingcamping


Cute Find: Feather Fascinator April 30, 2009

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We simply squealed in delight when we stumbled across this very cute feather fascinator!

Not a fan of the veil? Well this is a perfect solution for brides who don’t want to wear a veil but DO want to add a bit of excitement to their hair for the wedding day …. at the same time adding a touch of class! This is simply gorgeous, unique and is very 1940’s style. Also, double’s up as your something blue!

Or if you are a fan of the veil but are torn between fascinator / veil you can have the best of both worlds as you can ad a french bird cage veil for just $20!

Where can you buy? It’s by Velvet Owl and can be found here

Feather Fascinator